Below are comments from some of our clients on the services that Pandit Vasudev Mehta has provided.


Aditi and Rumit Wedding 15 September 2013 at The Grove, Watford.

Dear Vasudev, I just wanted to thank you and Bindu Aunty for an absolutely outstanding job at the wedding. We have had nothing but the highest praises and compliments from all our guests. People were so impressed with the way the whole room was kept quiet and focussed throughout the ceremony, and your firm yet light hearted touch with the audience was a perfect balance of the seriousness of a wedding with the fun that goes with it.

The ceremony itself was wonderful. I thought I would be very nervous but Bindu Aunty was so helpful and calm when she came to see me in the room earlier and with helping me time me entrance to perfection. She also did a great job making sure people were ready to be on stage in time and blended in perfectly!

Under the Mandap you explained everything to us in such a clear fashion which meant that both of us were able to understand the spiritual significance of the Hindu  Wedding ceremony. You engaged the audience in a lovely way and had everyone's attention at all times. We all attend weddings so frequently where we don't understand what is happening, but so many people commented how it was so nice to attend a wedding where you understand what is happening and feel like you are involved. For me personally, all my English friends who attended said how nice it was for them to be able to understand our Hindu traditions as for most this was their first Indian wedding. My vidaai was also great (to the extent one can enjoy a vidaai!) and although a couple of tears were naturally shed it was the perfect close to the afternoon with happiness and laughter.

With very best wishes and heartfelt thanks for a beautiful ceremony, Aditi


Ankita & Kishan 16 August 2013 at The City Pavillion

Dear Pandit VasudevKishan and I and both of our families would like to take this opportunity to say a massive massive thank you to you for making our wedding day feel like a dream come true. We all felt that that the ceremony was so smooth and beautiful and Shiv Gopal's music just made it all so perfect.

You were excellent in terms of organisation and time and the fact that all the guests were captured in to the ceremony was amazing! You have made our wedding one of the best weddings in our community as everyone was commenting on how excellent the Pandit was. The guests also felt very involved. I couldn't have imagined anything more.

We would also like to thank your wife in helping with all the coordinating and managing outside of the mandap and her brilliant ideas. I really hope you both also had a good day. Once again, many many thanks from all of us.Kind regards, 

Ankita & Kishan


Devki Mehta & Devesh Shah Wedding 27 July 2013 at East Wintergarden

Dear Vasudevji,I am just writing to say a big thanks to yourself and Binduben for doing such a great job for us last Saturday. Thanks to you, East London witnessed one of the finest wedding ceremonies in a long time - we have heard nothing but praise from our guests and the credit for this goes to you. The audience was kept quiet and under control, and the event ran very smoothly thanks to the excellent coordination. Both families are very grateful for all your help and we hope to be able to use your services again in the future! Best wishes, Hursh Mehta (Devki’s brother)


Meera Mehta & Nikhil Oza wedding 23 September 2012 Beaumont House, Windsor

We really enjoyed the way the wedding ceremony was conducted. It exceeded all our expectations. The ceremony was carried out beautifully in conjunction with Shiv Gopal’s music and it will always be a memorable day for us. It was doubly memorable for us as your father had also conducted the wedding ceremony for Meera's parents and it seems fitting that his son was able to conduct our wedding ceremony. Thank you very much for making our wedding so memorable. With kind regards, Meera and Nikhil

Urvashi Patel & David Nightingale. 19 May 2012, Ascot Race Course

Dear Pandit Vasudev and Bindu. I do not have the words that can express fully our gratitude to you for officiating at, the most important day in our lives being our first daughter’s wedding, you made this day not just special but absolutely memorable and magical to use the words and sentiments expressed by our guests.

Pandit Vasudev your words rang out in the pin drop silence with authority, gravitas, wisdom and your lucid explanations traversed the hall into the attentive audience like waves enveloping the sand on the beach.Your touches of humour livened up an audience mesmerised by your delivery that was laden with wisdom, history, and the richness of Hindu heritage.

We were honoured, privileged to have not only your presence but the presence of your lovely and elegant wife Bindu who made the whole ceremony flow seamlessly and she kept us calm, and prepared and ready for the next stage making the ceremony truly a quality and magical occasion so the trance the audience were in was never broken.

Pandit Vasudev and Bindu what you helped create was pure magic! Thank you for coming to conduct and bless our daughter’s wedding and for creating these precious moments for us to treasure and savour.

Wishing you best wishes and blessings for all your family. Kanti and Manju.


Roopa Sachidanand & Mauro Mellino Wedding in Tuscany, Italy 3 September 2011

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Mauro and I wanted to write and say a very special and huge thank you for making our wedding day so wonderful! Everyone was absolutely complimentary about your Hindu service! Those that had never seen one before were transfixed by it's beauty and fun loving nature and those family members who were Indian or came from India for the wedding absolutely loved how you adapted it to suit our personalities, wishes, and spiritual needs also in keeping with the fusion nature of the wedding. It was absolutely perfect, and really the highlight of the whole event. We hope you enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having you with us. Best Regards,

Roopa and Mauro


Geeta Vora & Arjun Vidhyarthi wedding, in Nairobi, Kenya. 31 July 2010

Hi Vasudev Maharaj, Hope you got back to London safe and sound. I would just like to personally thank you from both Arjun and I for giving us an amazing wedding. For most girls, their wedding day is the most important day of their life’s. Months of planning decor, catering, outfits, etc all add to what should be a fairy-tale day. In the end, what matters most is how well the wedding itself goes.

After attending a wedding in the UK where you were the priest, I decided that when I get married I would ask you to perform the ceremony; and though I wasn’t sure how this would work with you having to come to Kenya, my dad made it happen. We have had several comments from friends and family about how it was the best ceremony they have ever been to. . A lot of our married friends have said it was actually the first time they understood a Hindu wedding. The ceremony was short, well explained and truly the most amazing day of my life.

We are back from our honeymoon and settling in to married life. I would like to thank you once again for making my dream wedding a reality and hope to see you when we're next in the UK

Regards and best wishes always, Geeta


Vikas Ghai & Sylvia Selli, Wedding in Rome, Italy 5 June 2010

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Sylvia and I would like to thank you so much for everything you and your wife Bindu did for us. We truly appreciated all of the help and the extravagance that you brought to the wedding. Both you and Raffaella (the wedding planner) did a fantastic job in making our wedding a truly memorable and unique day, both Catholic and Indian ceremonies were planned and delivered with true creativity, and a great show was put on for both sides of our families, truly making people feel engaged and part of the day.

Our relatives are hailing our wedding as the best out of all of our families’ weddings, they continue to talk about that day even now 2 months after the wedding. Cheers Vikas.

Nishita Shah & Maxwell Federbush wedding 20 June 2010

At Ciragan Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Panditiji, Firstly, our heartfelt thanks for a most beautiful and touching wedding ceremony for my daughter Nishita Shah and Maxwell Federbush. All our guests immensely enjoyed it and the unanimous opinion was, how at this wedding, all sat through the ceremony enthralled and listening earnestly. A big change from how at most Indian weddings guests chatter and start wandering around!! Once again thank you and hope to see you in the near future.

Best for now, Anju Shah 

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