Below are comments from some of our clients on the services that Pandit Vasudev Mehta has provided.


Aditi and Rumit Wedding 15 September 2013 at The Grove, Watford.

Dear Vasudev, I just wanted to thank you and Bindu Aunty for an absolutely outstanding job at the wedding. We have had nothing but the highest praises and compliments from all our guests. People were so impressed with the way the whole room was kept quiet and focussed throughout the ceremony, and your firm yet light hearted touch with the audience was a perfect balance of the seriousness of a wedding with the fun that goes with it.

The ceremony itself was wonderful. I thought I would be very nervous but Bindu Aunty was so helpful and calm when she came to see me in the room earlier and with helping me time me entrance to perfection. She also did a great job making sure people were ready to be on stage in time and blended in perfectly!

Under the Mandap you explained everything to us in such a clear fashion which meant that both of us were able to understand the spiritual significance of the Hindu  Wedding ceremony. You engaged the audience in a lovely way and had everyone's attention at all times. We all attend weddings so frequently where we don't understand what is happening, but so many people commented how it was so nice to attend a wedding where you understand what is happening and feel like you are involved. For me personally, all my English friends who attended said how nice it was for them to be able to understand our Hindu traditions as for most this was their first Indian wedding. My vidaai was also great (to the extent one can enjoy a vidaai!) and although a couple of tears were naturally shed it was the perfect close to the afternoon with happiness and laughter.

With very best wishes and heartfelt thanks for a beautiful ceremony, Aditi


Ankita & Kishan 16 August 2013 at The City Pavillion

Dear Pandit VasudevKishan and I and both of our families would like to take this opportunity to say a massive massive thank you to you for making our wedding day feel like a dream come true. We all felt that that the ceremony was so smooth and beautiful and Shiv Gopal's music just made it all so perfect.

You were excellent in terms of organisation and time and the fact that all the guests were captured in to the ceremony was amazing! You have made our wedding one of the best weddings in our community as everyone was commenting on how excellent the Pandit was. The guests also felt very involved. I couldn't have imagined anything more.

We would also like to thank your wife in helping with all the coordinating and managing outside of the mandap and her brilliant ideas. I really hope you both also had a good day. Once again, many many thanks from all of us.Kind regards, 

Ankita & Kishan


Devki Mehta & Devesh Shah Wedding 27 July 2013 at East Wintergarden

Dear Vasudevji,I am just writing to say a big thanks to yourself and Binduben for doing such a great job for us last Saturday. Thanks to you, East London witnessed one of the finest wedding ceremonies in a long time - we have heard nothing but praise from our guests and the credit for this goes to you. The audience was kept quiet and under control, and the event ran very smoothly thanks to the excellent coordination. Both families are very grateful for all your help and we hope to be able to use your services again in the future! Best wishes, Hursh Mehta (Devki’s brother)


Anita & Niral Patel Wedding 26 May 2013 at K P Hall Kenton

Thank you Vasudev uncle for conducting our Hindu wedding ceremony. You made it a very special day for us, in the presence of God and all our guests. We also wanted to thank Bindu Masi for everything that she did. You both as a team have made our special day truely memorable. So many of our guests complimented the way you coordinated the whole ceremony from beginning to end, it is something we felt so proud of, and just wanted to thank you both of for making the most important day of our lives feel sacred and unforgettable. Niral & Anita


Sonal Chauhan & Govinder Wilkhu Wedding 21 June 2013 Navnat Centre, Hayes

Govinder and I  wanted to say a big thank you for making our wedding day so special. You carried the wedding out so well and concisely. You explained everything so clearly that all guest understood the ceremony   Everybody was really impressed and mentioned how involved and engaged they felt during the ceremony. You made the wedding very personalised and we both, along with our parents, are very lucky and grateful that you conducted our wedding!  A big thank you once again! I will definitely be recommending you to my family and friends! 

Govinder & Sonal 


Heeral Lakhani & Nishil Dhanani. Wedding 9 December 2013, Langley Banqueting, Watford

Pandit Vasudev and his wife, Binduben were absolutely fantastic throughout our wedding period. From the mandap ropan ceremony to the actual wedding itself, Nishil and I could not believe how smoothly everything was conducted. On top of that, their support and guidance kept us both calm throughout the wedding ceremony (whilst we had 500 guests staring at us!). We could not have asked for a better wedding. Since the big day, we have had everyone comment on how clear and interesting the ceremony was, along with how well it was delivered. It is a true testament to the priest if guests of all ages enjoyed the wedding nuptials.

Binduben - you kept the bride calm and coordinated so well throughout the entire time. Pandit Vasudev and Binduben - you both make a wonderful team.Thank you both so so much for everything, it truly was the best day of our lives.

Heeral & Nishil


Meera Mehta & Nikhil Oza wedding 23 September 2012 Beaumont House, Windsor

We really enjoyed the way the wedding ceremony was conducted. It exceeded all our expectations. The ceremony was carried out beautifully in conjunction with Shiv Gopal’s music and it will always be a memorable day for us. It was doubly memorable for us as your father had also conducted the wedding ceremony for Meera's parents and it seems fitting that his son was able to conduct our wedding ceremony. Thank you very much for making our wedding so memorable. With kind regards, Meera and Nikhil

Anjali Bhatt & Rahul Vyas 6 July 2013, Manor of Groves

Dear Vasudev Uncle, We would like to say thank you for performing an amazing wedding ceremony. So many of our guests have commented on the ceremony and how well it was performed. Choosing you to be our Priest has been one of the best decision we made regarding our Wedding. You were great and was everything Rahul and I wanted, which was for people to listen. Our Parents are also very grateful and happy for the way you conducted our ceremony. Best wishes Anjli & Rahul


Hanisha Vyas & Rikki Raichura wedding 24 June 2012 at The Langley, Watford

Our parents, Rikki and I would like to personally thank you and Bindu Aunty for all the help, guidance and most of all the way you conducted the Chundri/SavaPachana, our Sanjee, my Mandvo and most amazing ceremony that you performed at our Wedding.

For each ceremony, we truly appreciated how you spent so much time with us to explain to us in detail, provided advice from your extensive experience of past weddings in the lead up to the functions to ensure that each of our functions went smoothly and without a hitch!! Each ceremony captivated everybody resulting in near silence by all of our family and guests who were all engrossed by what was happening. Everyone who attended the functions were so impressed with the ceremonies that they complimented  our wedding as the best they have ever attended and enjoyable!!!


Urvashi Patel & David Nightingale. 19 May 2012, Ascot Race Course

Dear Pandit Vasudev and Bindu. I do not have the words that can express fully our gratitude to you for officiating at, the most important day in our lives being our first daughter’s wedding, you made this day not just special but absolutely memorable and magical to use the words and sentiments expressed by our guests.

Pandit Vasudev your words rang out in the pin drop silence with authority, gravitas, wisdom and your lucid explanations traversed the hall into the attentive audience like waves enveloping the sand on the beach.Your touches of humour livened up an audience mesmerised by your delivery that was laden with wisdom, history, and the richness of Hindu heritage.

We were honoured, privileged to have not only your presence but the presence of your lovely and elegant wife Bindu who made the whole ceremony flow seamlessly and she kept us calm, and prepared and ready for the next stage making the ceremony truly a quality and magical occasion so the trance the audience were in was never broken.

Pandit Vasudev and Bindu what you helped create was pure magic! Thank you for coming to conduct and bless our daughter’s wedding and for creating these precious moments for us to treasure and savour.

Wishing you best wishes and blessings for all your family. Kanti and ManjuPandit Vasudev your words rang out in the pin drop silence with authority, gravitas, wisdom and your lucid explanations traversed the hall into the attentive audience like waves enveloping the sand on the beach.Your touches of humour livened up an audience mesmerised by your delivery that was laden with wisdom, history, and the richness of Hindu heritage.

We were honoured, privileged to have not only your presence but the presence of your lovely and elegant wife Bindu who made the whole ceremony flow seamlessly and she kept us calm, and prepared and ready for the next stage making the ceremony truly a quality and magical occasion so the trance the audience were in was never broken.

Pandit Vasudev and Bindu what you helped create was pure magic! Thank you for coming to conduct and bless our daughter’s wedding and for creating these precious moments for us to treasure and savour.

Wishing you best wishes and blessings for all your family. Kanti and Manju


Rosalind Lloyd & Raj Rout, Wedding in Oxford 5 May 2012

Hello Pandit Vasudev, Just a note to say thank you and your wife for the ceremony you conducted for Ros and Raj in Oxford last weekend. We really appreciated the way it was done, and many people commented to us afterwards that they enjoyed the way each step of the ceremony was explained as it went along. It allowed people to understand what was happening and to feel involved. It all helped to make it a wonderful day for both families and all our friends. 

Thanks again and best regards, David and Pam Lloyd


Wedding ceremony Saturday 7th April 2012 at East Grinstead Sports Club 

Dear Pandit VasudevNimish and I (and both our families) would like to say a big thank you to you and your wife for conducting our wedding ceremony. Our Families and many of our guests complimented the way the ceremony was performed and were impressed with the explanations given in English & Gujarati. We would also like to thank you for the time you gave us in the lead up to our wedding, explaining each rituals that would be performed and why, tips for our wedding day and pointers to make the day flow smoothly. We wish you all the best for the future.

 Nimish and Nisha


Sapna Vithlani & Chintan Savjani wedding 18 March 2012 at Langley Banqueting,  Watford

Vasudevbhai & Binduben, Just a short note to say many thanks for your help and guidance throughout the past year leading to our big day.
The ceremony was conducted in a very professional and joyous manner making us and the guests at ease and everyone was engrossed in the ceremony.
It means a lot to us when you delivered what we expected on the day. Could not have asked for more. The ceremony simply flowed with family and guests enjoying every moment. Groom's side were very much impressed with the arrangements and the precise execution. It was very enjoyable for us and for the family involved - from start to finish it was perfect.
I am sure Sapna & Chintan would be in touch with you upon their return. I would have no hesitation in recommending you any time. 
Once again many thanks. 

Yash & Hansi Vithlani (Parents)

Jai Shree Krishna Vasudevbhai,We wanted to express our gratitude and thanks to you for making our wedding journey very easy and memorable for for us.  With your calm approach, excellent explanation a flawless ceremony was performed, we felt relaxed and also had fun during the wedding. Extended compliments to Binduben who coordinated and kept the flow of the ceremony.  Also, the build up to the wedding really helped us well, with the explanation of the ceremony that you gave and the checklists, allowing us to ensure we had everything prepared and in order, for the event to run smoothly. We will, of course, recommend you to family and friends going forward and would be happy to be used as a reference for your future clients.

 Kind Regards Chintan and Sapna (Bride &Groom)


Natasha Bhalla & Suresh Mistry wedding 28 August 2011 at Chesford Grange

Hi Pundit Vasudev Ji, Thank You for the outstanding wedding you conducted for us. We both enjoyed the ceremony and came to learn the commitment we were making to each other. In addition, we felt the way you explained the ceremony made us understand the true importance even more and accentuated the great qualities of a Hindu wedding ceremony.

Furthermore, our guests were immensely impressed with the way you explained the ceremony and made them feel a part of the wedding. Everyone was full of compliments at the end of the event. Not only did you keep them intrigued with your clear explanations of the Hindu ceremony in English, but you also provided entertainment with your appropriate humour.

We truly appreciate your time, not only on the wedding day itself but also in the run up to the wedding. You kindly listened, adapted and advised us on how to best approach the ceremony according to our needs and wants. For Suresh and I, our wedding was the most special day of our lives and we owe a big part of that memory to you. We are also very grateful that you left a beautiful memory in the hearts of our family and friends too. We would also like to send a special thanks to your wife who was key to organising and ensuring the ceremony progressed in a timely manner. You were a great team and we would not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks again

Natasha & Suresh


Priya Desai & Kapil Bhargava wedding 8th october 2011 at Stoneleigh Abbey 

Dear Pandit Vasudev, I just wanted to day say a big thank you for making my wedding day beautiful. You conducted the wedding so well and concisely. You explained everything brilliantly. One person who has been married for many years commented that he now knows what was happening in the mandap when he got married! Everybody was captivated. I never thought that would happen as well as it did. Even when lunch was ready to be served, nobody got up. Nobody wanted it to stop! Your wife was also excellent and she too got many compliments. Thank you both
Priya and Kapil

Roopa Sachidanand & Mauro Mellino Wedding in Tuscany, Italy 3 September 2011

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Mauro and I wanted to write and say a very special and huge thank you for making our wedding day so wonderful! Everyone was absolutely complimentary about your Hindu service! Those that had never seen one before were transfixed by it's beauty and fun loving nature and those family members who were Indian or came from India for the wedding absolutely loved how you adapted it to suit our personalities, wishes, and spiritual needs also in keeping with the fusion nature of the wedding. It was absolutely perfect, and really the highlight of the whole event. We hope you enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having you with us. Best Regards,

Roopa and Mauro


Rita Patel & Philip French Wedding Moor Park 26 August 2011

Hi Pandit Vasudev, Phil and I wanted to say a big thank you to you for conducting our hindu marriage ceremony. All our guests really enjoyed the ceremony and commented on how great you were in explaining things and engaging them in the event. As you know, the Hindu ceremony was a first for many of our guests, and they thought it was one of the highlights of the day – so thank you for making that happen. You were brilliant in how you also handled the unintended interruptions. We will definitely be recommending you to family and friends

Rita & Phil  


Viral Amin & Chirag Patel Effingham Copthorne Hotel 21 August 2011

Dear Vasudev Maharaj & Bindu Aunty, Thank you for all your help and assistance before and during the wedding - you were both an amazing team! All our family and friends really enjoyed the ceremony and you made the event a very special one for us. Lots of love.

Viral & Chirag


Darshna & Anay Wedding 7 August 2011, Premier Banqueting Harrow

Dear Pandit Vasudev, The family and we are still reminiscing about the wedding, it will forever be in our memories. This was mainly because of the ceremony you conducted. It was beautiful and our guests fully understood everything. Your explanations were beautiful and humorous at the same time. You do have excellent comedy timing. Our English guests were amazed about everything and were intrigued by everything you said. I still remember meeting you outside on the horse and you said "nice touch with the horse Anay".

Thank you for being so prompt with the timing we were amazed how smoothly everything ran and this was because you were so efficient and both families were amazed by this. Thank you for everything.

 Love from Darshna and Anay


Roopa Makwana & Sunil Vara wedding 17 July 2011, in Barking

Dear Vasudevuncle & Aunty, We just wanted to say a very big Thank You for our wedding day. We thoroughly enjoyed it and you made the day very relaxed and pleasant for us. We have received great feedback from everyone about the day. Aunty was amazing with her coordination and it was such great support for me and mum. Once again thank you. We really do appreciate it.

Best regards Rupa & Sunil


Nishi Nathwani & Ravi Shah wedding 14 August 2011 Sofitel Heathrow

 Dear Vasudevbhai, Ravi and I wanted to say a big thank you for conducting our wedding to both you and your wife. You were both so kind and helpful, it made us feel very relaxed on our big day and we enjoyed every moment, so thank you to both of you. Jai Shri Krishna

Ravi and Nishi


Pooja Kotecha & Anand Panchmatia wedding 24 July 2011 Beaumont House, Windsor

Hello Pandit Vasudev, Thank you so much for the best wedding ceremony, just the way Pooja and Anand wanted. Got lots of compliments on the way you did the ceremony and it was silent too, everybody enjoyed it. Thank you again Kind Regards

Kamlesh and Bharti Kotecha


Janki Sodha & Sanjeev Thakrar wedding at The Langley, Watford on 23 April 2011

Dear Pandit Vasudev and Binduben. What more can I say, the wedding ceremony was excellently conducted. It all went as clockwork, you held the public very well in a diplomatic way. The comments we have been getting is "The Pandit was excellent", they have never seen a ceremony conducted in such a professional way. Most of them understood the Hindu Wedding Ceremony in detail for the first time as your explanation in English was so good for the lay person. Binduben, you were great in getting everything prepared! Thank you so much. Both of you have made our "One and only daughter's wedding" a very memorable day which will be remembered by all our guests for years to come. Thank you so much

Dhiru and Rajeshree Sodha 

Bijel Bhudia & Ashwin Gorasia wedding at St Pauls Waldenbury 10 October 2010

Dear Vasudevbhai, Thank you for being a most important part of wedding day. Many of our guests complimented the way you carried out the ceremony. You really helped to make it a very special  & memorable day for us.

Many thanks Ashwin & Bijel


Dimple Ladhani & Neil Raithatha wedding at Sofitel Hotel on 11 September 2010

Dear Vasudevbhai, Just wanted to thank you very much for conducting a great sava panch anna and chundri ceremony followed by an absolutely fantastic wedding ceremony. People were very impressed on how you managed to get the guests to be quiet and it was the first time in our family weddings that the guests actually listened to the ceremony.

Thank you Neil & Dimple


Niki Patel & Jensen Calleemootoo wedding - Painshill Park, Surrey 29 August 2010

Dear Vasudevbhai, Thank you for making our wedding day extra special. The ceremony was outstanding and our guests came away from it with with great substance and meaning. On a personal level it meant so much to both of us to understand our commitment to each other.

Love, Jensen & Niki


Priya & Paren wedding at Manor of Groves 26 August 2010

Dear Pandit Vasudevwe would like to thank you and your wife for the beautiful wedding ceremony you performed for us. We had every faith in you to conduct a wonderful ceremony, especially after meeting with you earlier in the year and you have far exceeded our expectations! All our friends and family have commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony and found it very interesting to understand the meaning of the rituals, especially for many friends who were attending their first Hindu wedding. It was an honour for us to have you as our Maharaj and thank you once again for giving us the perfect start to our marriage.

Best wishes Priya and Paren Shah


Geeta Vora & Arjun Vidhyarthi wedding, in Nairobi, Kenya. 31 July 2010

Hi Vasudev Maharaj, Hope you got back to London safe and sound. I would just like to personally thank you from both Arjun and I for giving us an amazing wedding. For most girls, their wedding day is the most important day of their life’s. Months of planning decor, catering, outfits, etc all add to what should be a fairytale day. In the end, what matters most is how well the wedding itself goes.

After attending a wedding in the UK where you were the priest, I decided that when I get married I would ask you to perform the ceremony; and though I wasn’t sure how this would work with you having to come to Kenya, my dad made it happen. We have had several comments from friends and family about how it was the best ceremony they have ever been to. . A lot of our married friends have said it was actually the first time they understood a Hindu wedding. The ceremony was short, well explained and truly the most amazing day of my life.

We are back from our honeymoon and settling in to married life. I would like to thank you once again for making my dream wedding a reality and hope to see you when we're next in the UK

Regards and best wishes always, Geeta


Vikas Ghai & Sylvia Selli, Wedding in Rome, Italy 5 June 2010

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Sylvia and I would like to thank you so much for everything you and your wife Bindu did for us. We truly appreciated all of the help and the extravagance that you brought to the wedding. Both you and Raffaella (the wedding planner) did a fantastic job in making our wedding a truly memorable and unique day, both Catholic and Indian ceremonies were planned and delivered with true creativity, and a great show was put on for both sides of our families, truly making people feel engaged and part of the day.

Our relatives are hailing our wedding as the best out of all of our families’ weddings, they continue to talk about that day even now 2 months after the wedding. Cheers Vikas.
Chenil & Dipti Patel Wedding 4 July 2010 Cavendish Banqueting, Colindale

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Thank you so much for all your guidance and support before and during our wedding and for blessing us for our lives together. Chenil & Dipti


Poonam Rani & Matthew Barnes wedding, In Birmingham 3 July 2010

Dear Panditji, I hope you and your lovely wife Bindu arrived safe and sound in London on Saturday evening. Matt and I would just like to say a massive thank you to you both for marrying us on Saturday. The ceremony was beautiful and we will treasure the memories from it forever. All of our guests commented on how meaningful and light-hearted you made it and that they really enjoyed themselves. So, once again, thank you for everything.               With best wishes,

Poonam and Matt


Nishita Shah & Maxwell Federbush wedding 20 June 2010

At Ciragan Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Panditiji, Firstly, our heartfelt thanks for a most beautiful and touching wedding ceremony for my daughter Nishita Shah and Maxwell Federbush. All our guests immensely enjoyed it and the unanimous opinion was, how at this wedding, all sat through the ceremony enthralled and listening earnestly. A big change from how at most Indian weddings guests chatter and start wandering around!! Once again thank you and hope to see you in the near future.

Best for now, Anju Shah 

Sunil & Anisha Wedding 30 May 2010, At Syon Park

Hi Vasudev, Thanks for performing the pre-wedding Mandap Ropan ceremony for my daughter Anisha on 29th May and the wedding ceremony for Anisha and Sunil’s wedding on 30th May 2010. The feedback I have received from all our guests shows that the main hindu wedding ceremony on 30th May was appreciated by people of all ages, gender, caste and origins.
Best wishes Suru


Hashila Manga & Subbash Thammanna Wedding 3rd April 2010

AT The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

All through the run up to the wedding Pandit Vasudev and his wife were fantastic. Pandit Vasudev was always there to offer us guidance and advice. Our guests loved his approach but more importantly he conducted our wedding in the way that was important to my husband and I. We are both so grateful for all his help and feel blessed that he was there for us on such a special day, and we are now proud to know him as a friend.

Hashila & Subbash


Poonam & Bharat Wedding 28 March 2010 at Wandsworth Town Hall

Dear Vasudev bhai, I am just emailing to give our most sincere thanks, you helped our wedding day be more than we ever thought it would be. Some guests have commented on how emotional the ceremony and how well controlled the day was. Bharat and I enjoyed every moment, we appreciate your efforts on the day and look forwards to seeing you rocking another wedding soon!
Poonam and Bharat 

Vik & Preeya Wedding on 6 March 2010 at Langley Banqueting

Dear Vasudev Bhai,

Jai Shree Krishna. We just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you did for us. We had an amazing day and can't thank you enough for making sure that the ceremonies ran perfectly. It was an absolute honour to have you as our Maharaj. We have had many compliments from our guests about the way that you explained the ceremony and made the once mysterious Indian Wedding rituals acessible to all. We have already started recommending you to all of our friends.

Please do feel free to use this message as a testimonial on your website, although the recommendation above doesn't even come close to how much we appreciated your services!

Best wishes,

Vik and Preeya
The Langley - 6th March 2010


Bindu & Ramji Wedding on 6 February 2010, At Wandsworth Town Hall

Dear Vasudevji, Thank you for the lovely service conducted at our wedding on 6 February 2010 at Wandsworth Town Hall. I hope you managed to eat and drink something. Everyone commented on the lovely service and how they were able to follow the wedding. Some guests said that even though being Hindus themselves, this was the first time that they finally understood all the parts of the ceremony. Will definitely recommend you to anyone getting married.


Bindu Gorasia (previously Bhatt)


Ekta Parmar & Peter Fors Wedding on 25 October 2009, At Maidens Barn Essex  

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony.

 It was lively, meaningful and very touching. Both we and other guests really appreciate that you took the time to explain everything so well.

Many thanks! With Love Ekta & Peter 


Baiju Devani & Julliete Addison wedding on18th July 2009

At Shendish Manor, King's Langley

Hi Pandit Vasudev & Bindu Aunty, Having just got back from honeymoon, we wanted to say an enourmous thank you for the FANTASTIC job you did for our wedding on the 18th July 2009. It was done in such an informative and inclusive manner and was a true highlight of our day. We have had numerous comments from our friends and family saying that the two best parts of the wedding were the Hindu ceremony and the African band (I’m not sure if you were able to stay to listen to them play). Anyhow thanks again for all of your help and the three separate briefings you had with us before the wedding day. Just yesterday, Juliette’s dad was saying how much he enjoyed the ceremony. Please also pass our thanks onto your wife.

Kind regards Baiju

Dear Pandit Vasudev
Thank you so much for conducting Juliette and Baiju's wedding ceremony on 18th July with such joy. We both found it wonderful, very moving and very appropriate. As you can see from the attached photo, it was indeed a very special occasion. Best wishes to your wife and thanks again

Jill and Frank Addison (juliett's parents)

Vikram & Claudia wedding  11 July 2009 in Potsdam Germany.

I have just attended a wedding in Potsdam Germany which was performed by Pandit Mehta. I have attended many Hindu weddings, but have never fully understood the service until now. Pandit Mehta was informative, charming & very witty, infact i would definitely have him for my wedding.......and i'm not even a HINDU!!

Dr Gaz Radi


Mina & Jed Wedding 23May 2009 at Brighton

Dear Vasudevji, Hope all is well with you. I must first start by a personal thank you to you and your wife for a wonderful wedding ceremony. What can we say except people are still talking about the wedding. It was the most amazing day by all accounts and we cannot thank you enough. Everyone commented on how appealing you were and most of all the humour you instil in the ceremony whilst addressing the 'audience' at all times. They felt privileged to be included in the ceremony and really felt a part of the whole occassion. We really cannot thank you enough for a very special day.

Forever & thankfully yours, Mina & Jed.

Engagement ceremony of Mira Raja & Nikunj Kiri

on 17th May 2009 at Langley Banqueting, Watford.

Hi Vasudevbhai, Thank you for all your help on 17th May 2009 .The Engagement ceremony of Mira and Nikunj was perfect and it all went very smoothly.         I understand that we have a long family connection from Nairobi and your father used to visit my parents regularly and indeed performed the wedding ceremony of my niece! We now need to bend our minds to our daughter's wedding ceremony soon!

Kind regards Gita Raja

Bina Jethwa & Rakesh Chohan Wedding

At Brent Town Hall Wembley 23 November 2008

Dear Pandit Vasudev, Its been 3 weeks since you conducted the wedding ceremony for Rakesh and I at Brent Town Hall, we're now back from our holiday and recovered from all the celebrations! We would both like to thank you very very much.

Both Rakesh and I are very happy and grateful to you for the wedding ceremony you perfomed for us and the way in which it was done. Many of our guests complimented the manner in which you conducted the ceremony and all were impressed with the way you were able to engage with the audience and give explanations in gujarati and english. We also want to thank you for your time you gave to us and our family before the wedding day to help us organise and structure the day and also for helping us to understand and be prepared for the rituals that would be performed on the day. Thank you again!
Best wishes

Bina and Rakesh


Annabel Mora & Graham Foskett Hindu Wedding Blessing

At The Shires, Barnet, 4 October 2008

Dear Vasudev, Both Graham and I just want to thank you for such a wonderful Ganesh blessing. You captured the spiritual reasoning behind our wishes for a Hindu blessing and adapted the ceremony accordingly. The Ganesh blessing was a first for many of our guests and we have since received so many compliments in return. We would not hesitate to recommend your service, especially as you know how to retain a calm and collective manner during the transition of hectic wedding preparations. We are eternally grateful for the life-long memories you have given us.

Warmest of wishes, Annabel & Graham (Foskett).


Sheenal Thaker & Sven Olson. Wedding 8th November 2008
At London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London

There were several elements of the ceremony that we strongly believe were distinct and differentiating factors which we greatly preferred over other Hindu weddings we have attended. First and foremost, were Pandit Vasudev's ability to engage and communicate with the audience in both Gujrati and English. As a result, the 550 attendees were very interested in the ceremony and stayed quiet throughout. We have received numerous compliments from both Hindu and non-Hindu guests who attended, on how much they enjoyed and were fascinated by the ceremony.

Another element that we really liked, was the creativity and efficiency in which Pandit Vasudev structured the ceremonies. The brother and cousin of the bride received their Janoi during the week. As both the Janoi and the wedding ceromonies required the Ganesh Pooja, Pandit Vasudev decided to combine these and perform them the Thursday before the wedding. This was more enjoyable as her brother, cousin and aunt and uncle participated. It was also more efficient as it shortened the wedding ceremony on Saturday.

We also really appreciated Pandit Vasudev's flexibility and willingness to accomodate our requests, as well as his hard work and diligence. Pandit Vasudev spent at least 8 hours over two days meeting with us to explain, discuss and plan the ceremony. He also put significant effort in follow up calls and emails with the bride's mother. He went out of his way to accomodate the bride’s desire for a simple and elegent ceremony that could be understood and apperciated by Hindus and non-Hindus alike. Overall we were extremely happy and grateful for the wedding ceremony that Pandit Vasudev performed.

Best Regards,
Sven and Sheenal


Dhanmita Pandya & Vikash Boodhna Wedding 31 October 2008

At Langley Banqueting, Watford

Having Pandit Vasudev Mehta conduct our wedding ceremony was one the best decisions we made. From the outset Pandit Mehta was very professional yet approachable. My family and I went to see him about how we envisaged the wedding day pooja to be conducted and generally see if this was acceptable to all. More so for my parents, they wanted to know how the vidhi would be done, how some of our family traditions could be incorporated into the ceremony and other such detail. Pandit Mehta was accomodating in every sense, he took into consideration how we wanted the wedding to be and made it happen.

The fact that the Pandit is fluent in both English and Gujarati helped my fiance and I understand what was being done and more importantly why.

I had a particularly hectic wedding day and was constantly in touch with the Pandit with regards to any changes in my itinerary and on the day he managed the time perfectly . The Pandit conducted my konkotri (invitation) ceremony at home prior to the wedding and created a positive impression on the family. On the wedding day itself all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and so did we. Thank you so much for making our day so special.
Dhanmita and Vikash

Tiffany Phillips & Pritesh Patel Wedding 16th August 2008

At The Manor Hotel, Datchet, Windsor

As a mixed race couple, where the bride's parents were non-asian, we knew that having a Hindu wedding ceremony wasn't going to be easy but it was something that we both really wanted. The first time we met with Pandit Vasudev, all of our worries were quickly laid to rest. With his warm and friendly personality and his extensive knowledge of Hindu ceremonies and customs, we felt that everything was in very good hands. On the wedding day, he was brilliant! He kept everyone interested with his light-hearted explanations of what was going on throughout the ceremony but also covered all of the elements thoroughly enough that the more traditional asian family members were satisfied. Our guests thought Pandit Vasudev conducted an excellent service and they made a point of telling us so. We would highly recommend Pandit Vasudev Mehta to anyone!

Tiffany & Pritesh


Seema Tanna & Roopak Radia - Wedding 26th July 2008

Jayshree and I  wanted to thank you for officiating at our daughter Seema's wedding on 26th July 2008 at The Brittania Hotel, Canary Wharf, and for providing advice, guidance and music contacts. Many guests remarked (unprompted) that your approach was thoughtful, unfussed, engaging and interesting. We both can only agree and feel we were fortunate to find you. With your kind of style, those contemplating Hindu weddings should not feel anxious about whether a Hindu wedding ceremony can be adapted to life and audience in the West. As I mentioned, I'd be happy to be a reference point for prospective brides/grooms or their parents.

With best wishes.....Shashi and Jayshree Tanna, St Albans 


Minal & Vinay Weddiing, Copthorne Effingham Park, Gatwick 19 July 2008

Apologies for the delay in sending this email, we have been so busy with settling in.. etc

Vinay and I would like to thank you for full filling our dreams and wishes in the performance of our wedding ceremony on 19th July 2008. It was fantastic and we were able to understand and take in each and every precious moment within the day.

Your performance and crowd control was well achieved and that was our main concern, also you were able to take control of the stage, thus engaged the audience and made all of our guests appreciate the ceremony.

Thanks for all of your guidance and providing us with the help towards the coming months of our 'big Day'.

Keep in touch & All the best
Minal & Vinay, Edgware, 2 Sept 08


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